Participants continually express how rewarding and exciting they find IIBD Strategies programs. The simulations create intensity and excitement while providing an arena to apply and test new concepts and ideas. Executives from IBM, Bayer, Esselte Meto, Roche and other corporations have stated that our programs have enhanced their careers and improved corporate success, (full Client List). Here is a sample of what past participants have said about IIBD's programs:

"We've had seven weeks of training with the best professors from both Asia and the USA teaching us about business strategy. But they saved the best for last; not only was your program the most interesting, but the chance to use the business concepts in your SABRE simulation was really a fantastic experience - Thank you."
-LG Group (Goldstar) Seoul, Korea

"As you know I've been in charge of education for our site for six years...your approach of using concepts, stories, and applications via your SABRE simulation make it a benchmark in terms of competency learning."
-Jean McMaster, IBM Manager, Manufacturing and Customer Services

"Objectives were met and I have to congratulate IIBD for the way you have met them, for your approach and for the SABRE simulation which I am sure will help our team focus on winning strategies."
-Mike Wong, IBM Director, Bromont Manufacturing

"The program is absolutely integrated (theory and practice) and it was customized to suit our needs. The results we expected did arrive and the learning effects were excellent. Besides the professionalism in the program, Cam and the team through their enthusiasm and involvement greatly added to the success."
-Clemens Kaiser, VP Bayer AG, Koln Germany

"Excellent tie in from the skilled lectures to application in the simulation to the practical application on the job."
-Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical, Princeton New Jersey, U.S.A.

"Very beneficial sections were segmentation and positioning - really the best understanding I've ever gotten in these areas."
-Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical, Princeton New Jersey, U.S.A.

"Excellent, excellent program."
-Walgreens Ltd., U.S.A.

"An outstanding program, and outstanding simulation - fantastic week!"
-Rich Mimick, MBA professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada

"Provided a common effective process. Provided a common language. Provided skills to better evaluate marketing strategies and capitalize on opportunities."
-Esselte Meto, Wienheim, Germany

"Highly informative...extremely well presented with never a dull moment. It was a great experience with great people. I applaud their efforts."
-Provantage Prescriptions Management Services, U.S.A.

"The Ivey Business School (formerly the Western Business School) has used the SABRE business simulation for the past two years in both our MBA and HBA programs. During that time we have used the simulation with over 500 students. The SABRE simulation has proven to be an outstanding product providing a unique learning environment where students can actually learn by doing. We applaud the fine work of the simulation developers...and endorse the business simulation fully."
-Adrian Ryans, former Dean of the Business School
-Terry Deutscher, Associate Dean
-Mark Vandenbosch, professor
-John Kennedy, professor
-Don Barclay, professor
-Monica Perry, professor
-Niraj Dawar, professor

"IIBD has a unique and powerful set of skills rarely found in executive development. As business consultants, they have the ability to keenly identify underlying business problems and causes. As experts in marketing training, market analysis and forecasting, they employ the most accurate and efficient tools to explore underlying business problems."

- George Ericsson, Chief Learning Officer, Marketing Education
Pfizer Inc.

"It was a very valuable and informative learning experience that will definitely help me to manage both new and existing product portfolios more effectively. I really enjoyed the structure of the course, which has given me the confidence to take my career to the next level by moving into a marketing role. I hope to have the opportunity to take part in future courses offered by IIBD."

- Paul Harper, Manager of Learning and Development
Biovail Pharmaceuticals